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                           11(573) 348-9797 • • Open 7 Days/Week @ 11am (March – Oct) • Keep up-to-date with our menu, entertainment schedule and more!Check Out Our Swim-Up Bar,Family-Friendly Pool and Fresh Menu Items!  Dog Days 2024 Summer Entertainment Line-UpFresh Beach Bowls | Vegan Options | Fresh Salads | Mouth-Watering Wraps | Steaks | PastaCajun Steamed Peel & Eat Shrimp | 4 Nacho Options & Much MoreMAY23rd Justin Larkin; 6pm24th Mixtapes; 9pm25th DJ Mikey J; 1pm Machine Gun Symphony; 9pm26th DJ Mikey J; 1pm • DJ Reuben Zapata; 6pm27th Bobby Stillwell; 6pm30th Justin Larkin Duo; 6pm31st Grant Britton Band; 9pmJUNE1st DJ Mikey J; 1pm • Grant Britton Band; 9pm2nd DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm4th White Party: DJ Mikey J Outdoor DJ; TBD6th Justin Larkin; 6pm7th Phat Mike & The Bartenders; 9pm8th Canine Cannonball Brock Wade Band; 9pm9th Canine Cannonball: DJ Mikey J; 5pm13th Justin Larkin; 6pm14th Nobodies; 9pm15th DJ Mikey J; 1pm Machine Gun Symphony; 8pm16th DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm20th Justin Larkin; 6pm21st Eskimo Brothers; 9pm 22nd DJ Mikey J; 1pm • Eskimo Brothers; 9pm23rd Eskimo Brother; 1pm24th Bobby Stillwell; 6pm27th Justin Larkin; 6pm28th Whiskey Trio; 9pm29th DJ Mikey J; 1pm • The Juice; 9pm30th DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm • Baub Eis; 4pmJULY1st Bobby Stillwell; 6pm4th Justin Larkin; 6pm5th Mixtapes; 9pm6th DJ Mikey J; 1pm Machine Gun Symphony; 9pm7th DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm8th Bobby Stillwell; 6pm11th Justin Larkin; 6pm12th Brock Wade Band; 9pm13th DJ Mikey J; 1pm • Brock Wade Band; 9pm14th DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm15th Bobby Stillwell; 6pm18th Justin Larkin; 6pm19th Grant Britton Band; 9pm20th DJ Mikey J; 1pm • Dead Roads; 9pm21st DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm22nd Bobby Stillwell; 6pm25th Justin Larkin; 6pm26th Nobodies; 9pm27th DJ Mikey J; 1pm • Whiskey Trio; 9pm28th DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm29th Bobby Stillwell; 6pmAUGUST1st Justin Larkin; 6pm2nd Jay E-DJ; 8pm3rd DJ Mikey J; 1pm Phat Mike & The Bartenders; 9pm4th DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm5th Bobby Stillwell; 6pm8th Justin Larkin; 6pm9th Nobodies; 9pm10th DJ Mikey J; 1pm Machine Gun Symphony; 8pm11th Justin Larkin Duo; 12pm Reuben Zapata; 4pm12th Bobby Stillwell; 6pm15th Justin Larkin; 6pm16th Dead Roads; 9pm17th DJ Mikey J; 1pm • Brock Wade Band; 9pm18th Jay E–DJ; 1pm22nd Justin Larkin; 6pm23rd Phat Mike & The Bartenders; 9pm24th DJ Mikey J; 1pm • Baub Eis; 8pm25th DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm29th Justin Larkin; 6pm30th Whiskey Trio; 9pm31st DJ Mikey J; 1pm  Machine Gun Symphony; 9pmSEPTEMBER1st DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm-12am2nd DJ Reuben Zapata; 12pm-6pm Bobby Stillwell; 6pm7th DJ Reuben Zapata; 1pm13th Bikefest: Grant Britton Band; 1pm-5pm14th Bikefest: Baub Eis; 12pm-3pm Justin Larkin; 3:30pm-7:30pmVoted #1Waterfront Restaurant Powerboat MagazineVOTED BEST • Bar & Grill• Outdoor Dining• Entertainment on the Water• Evening EntertainmentVOTED BEST NACHOS
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